Tuesday, 4 September 2007



well here is the next installment on a council that really should not be a social landlord. Is it victimization again Crazydave, sure as shit feels like. Oh and the email I sent today to all the usual suspects I made a mistake its 10 days today and will be 11 days on wed 5/9/07 not 9 n 10 like mentioned in the email, sunday to sunday is 8 days not 7 Crazydave.

Here is a copy then, and a list of the co-receivers.
Hi there everybody,

Last sunday wot the 26/8/97 or there abouts in terms of the date, the bank holiday weekend, trying to fix a tap I inadvertently broke the pipe to the tap, and gushing water everywhere was the result.

due to the Bank holiday there was noone at the maintenance dept. till weds, so I rang then to ask that the pipe could be made good, having gone 3days without running water. I was told that I would have to wait 1 to 5 days for anyone to call, an appointment time of noon was arranged and as of today 4/9/07 noone has called.

Now guessing that the maintenance dept. are still pissed off with me I kinda anticipated this kind of treatment, for them it might be 5 working days have passed since being informed of the problem, for me its now 9 days and will be 10 if anyone calls tomorrow following this email, to all and sundry.

I wonder if this meets with the council best practice, no running water equals no hot water no hot water means no clothes washed, no running water means no heating. pity they didn't fit taps that were easy for the tenant to change the washer?????????????

So could someone get on Mr. Llewelyn case for me either this afternoon or tomorrow. I will be posting a video of the situation when I do put the water on, I am lucky that I had some tape that I could wrap around the pipe so that the flooding when I fill a bucket to wash and throw down the toilet isn't as bad as it might be.

In the video I ask, whether if this happened to Mr. Berman (soon to be departed chairman of cardiff county council) whether he would call in a local plumber and send the bill to cardiff county council for payment plus an ionconvienience payment for the time trouble and lack of adiquate response.

Or is it just me. In the videos to be added to the ECHR blog I will also post one of the fire-surround apparently adiquate by the standards of the contractors the council employ, with no overseeing from any council official at the end of the works completed date.

the question I have is this a satisfactory response from the maintenance division, and whether they have a remit to play games with this particular tenant.

Yours as always David Gabriel aka Crazydave
I wonder if I will have to wait till the end of the week to get in a plumber privately?????????????????If I had the means I would have done it today, and damn Mr. Llewelyn and his maintenance people.

Now here is the url's for the video on youtube bless 'em http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUg3RMmQFw4 and for the fireplace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rxNQ6LTi0k, and for a full list of blogs go to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/

THE USUAL SUSPECT LIST: Jonathan.Morgan@wales.gov.uk, MORGANJ@parliament.uk, Lynne.Neagle@wales.gov.uk, police.authority@south-wales.pnn.police.uk, strobes@private-eye.co.uk, PSEdwinaHart@Wales.gsi.gov.uk, Jenny.Randerson@wales.gov.uk, rberman@cardiff.gov.uk, rhodri.morgan@wales.gsi.gov.uk, Rhys@wales-consumer.org.uk, robertsw@parliament.uk, ROYALLJ@parliament.uk, sally.ribeiro@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk, Sue.Essex@Wales.gsi.gov.uk, news@dailystar.co.uk, mailbox@mirror.co.uk, letters@observer.co.uk, letters@the-sun.co.uk, letters@the-times.co.uk, Rhodri.Thomas@wales.gov.uk, victoradebowale@hotmail.com, victoria@bbc.co.uk, JWoodman@cardiff.gov.uk, anita@bbc.co.uk, actonr@parliament.uk, ADAMSI@parliament.uk, Brian.Gibbon@wales.gsi.gov.uk, BURNST@parliament.uk, camerond@parliament.uk, Carwyn.Jones@Wales.gsi.gov.uk, CRAIGD@parliament.uk, dj.hine@btinternet.com, Glyn.Davies@wales.gov.uk, Drive@bbc.co.uk, expressletters@express.co.uk, paulflynnmp@talk21.com, gallowayg@parliament.uk, letters@guardian.co.uk, GCox@cardiff.gov.uk, Hayley.Chislett@south-wales.pnn.police.uk, news@itvwales.com, Newseditor@independent.co.uk, John.Marek@wales.gov.uk, jwhittingdale.mp@tory.org.uk, kennedyc@parliament.uk, Valerie.Lloyd@Wales.gov.uk, malekin@btconnect.com, David.Melding@wales.gov.uk, westminster_office@mingcampbell.org.uk , richardevans@bbc.co.uk, news@sky.com, Nicolas.Bourne@wales.gov.uk, mark.thompson@bbc.co.uk, Ieuan.WynJones@wales.gov.uk, trust.enquiries@bbc.co.uk, meirionbowen@btopenworld.com, gkinnock@welshlabourmeps.org.uk, jill.evans@europarl.europa.eu, jonathan.evans@europarl.europa.eu, emorgan@welshlabourmeps.org.uk

UPDATE 5/9/07 Well here is the next installment of why you really don't wanna have Cardiff County Council running your social housing stock, cos they do what the puck they wanna. Anyway the email below was what was sent and some of the obsevations have been made before isn't that right corporate complaint number 99-3-2 eh Local government ombudsman dudes.

Hi everybody
here's the update on the no water supply. Nobody turned up at noon (the agreed appointment time, made 8 days ago) neither had they by 1400hrs so I made a call to the dept spoke to a guy called Lea, 'apparently the plumber must have been called on an emergency', I asked Lea didn't he think going 11 days without running water was enough of an emergency.

They apparently didn't realise that there was no water, well I thought that I had made that point clear, often enough in the initial phone call and then the chase up one on monday. I wonder if those 'all calls are recorded' will prove the point or have they been destroyed by now, or shortly after this email is received.

I let Lea know that it would be pointless anyone calling in the afternmoon cos I had another appointment elsewhere, Lea seemed to think that as long as the plumber left the little calling card they would have somehow met their obligations to the tenant. So there on the floor when I did get back was a card from the plumber and he called at apparently 1500hrs.

What I would like to know Mr. head of the maintenance dept. is why is it that Lea didn't get hold of your frigging plumber and let him know not to bother wasting his time calling on me, seeing as they are all mobiled phoned up for frigging emergencies and I had the courtecy to let him know and request like I am here that your plumber arrives sometime between 1130hrs and 1200hrs so that he can be completed by 1300hrs and me get on with my day.

I swear to god that this maintenance dept think that tenants are available for five working days on the trot to suit their purposes. When they must have frigging known that they were never gonna turn up until today. Sort you frigging dept out Mr. maintenance manager,

So will any of you be ringing the Chairman of the council on my behalf to insure that he responds to this email ensuring that the plumber does arrive at the appointed time. An that there is no other emergency to get on with other than this first, and not as Lea pointed out a Toilet that will not flush. I would like to have some in mine do frigging flush with.

Oh and I know you don't like suggestions CCC but maybe your housing maintenance people ought to know by now ought to have by now the full spec of every home they have on computor, so that they know the exact fitting of every property. Maybe one of the questions that they also ought to ask is, how long did the problem start. Plus definite appointment times not oh sometime frigging soon, and how about saving the guy the wasted time of a journey when they have been told do bother calling today.

But then did you really expect good service Crazydave after all the victimization in the past. Still waiting Mr. Berman for a corporate complaint number from jan 2006 of which you are well aware, or are you another who doesn't deal with your frigging email. Eh usual suspects, eh Mr. Richard Evans BBC Radio wales.

David Gabriel ps new video on youtube regarding mould and seeing as Dave price and Bob Clake on their weds 10/7/02 visit were shown the state of the outer wall on that date but did jack about it, is there any wonder that this is occuring. Eh fellas. you'll see the video url's on the european court of human rights blog.


Well they plumbers came I had to ring myself to make sure that it wasn't just another day of being given the run around, but now I have a new sink in the bathroom, with new quarter turn taps and boy are they lovely, same as in the kitchen.

While I realise that I am not the easiest person to have as a customer for the plumber's they got on with it regardless of my odd ways. Thank you gentlemen. Why is it that you don't put in to have a new bath crazydave, its a long story, but I suppose one day it will be as the EEC direct and there will be wall to wall tileing and a shower and a slip free bath. That will be a novel experience. But mostly I would like to move so that I do not have to have the stalking earwigging walker destroying my peaceful enjoyment ever again, ever ever ever again Mr. Rhodri Morgan.

Sometimes it feels like they deliberately allow this to continue as a subtle form of water torture that's where the banner cited for torture of mental health sufferer came from, that these not so nice people wish to wilfully inflict upon me, due to their bigotry, and ignorance. So in the meantime I have to put up with stomp,stomp, stomp around gezzer about or Mr. drop shit on the floor, or drag shit around ha frigging ha! I can hear those maintenance guy's laugh in the background on that phone call Mr. Morris made that got Bob Clarke n Dave price to come out on the 10/7/02.

Killing two birds with one stone, I heard the First Minister on Richard Evans show today bbc Radio Wales phone in. Seems that Mr. Evans still refuses to ask Mr. Morgan will the Welsh Assembly Government be changing legislation so that houses of multiple occupancy are redesignated shared houses, so that they are nolonger screwed by the unscupulous i.e. The BBC for one, the Water companies for another, eh Mr. Evans. Or put to Mr. Morgan that he stands accused of criminal negligence with respect to the health n welfare of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults.

Or that his minister's have played games of malfeasance with said Crazydave and have denied him of his human rights, by not responding, or by allowing the Water Companies (DWR CYMRU) to breech the convention rights of right to privacy in demanding that those seeking the writing off of their depts. have to tell them where they spend their minimum incomes.

but Oh no Mr. Richard Evans doesn't throw these questions of the First Minister, who happen to casually mention that 99.9% of the population knew that both he and Mr. Wyn-Jones saw off the rugby team, am I the only one in wales then who has no tv????????? Who hasn't had one for the last 8 years because of the restrictive practice of this licence fee that bars me from watching independant television, due to my lowly financial status, that criminal, maybe that's why Mr. Richard Evans didn't give the First Minister (soon to resign) a grilling, two Lags protecting each others backsides?????????

Well that's the end of this Update
God Bless the quarter tap designer they are a truely wonderful design.
Will any questions be asked about the issues in the delay, I doubt it eh Mr. Ombudsman.